Wednesday, August 6, 2014

6 Places You See Steel Every Day

We use a lot of different things on a daily basis, but there are few materials in life that are as important as steel. It affects our daily lives in so many different ways, and has become so prevalent in our society that you may not even notice it anymore. While we live and breathe steel at Wasatch Steel, we thought you might be interested to learn six ways that you probably use steel regularly, if not every day.

1: Vehicles
Just about everyone owns a vehicle these days, and if you have a car, truck, van, or other mode of transportation, chances are it is made of steel. It has been used in car manufacturing since they were first built in the early 1900’s, and today about 60 percent of the average vehicle is made of steel. The reason car manufacturers like steel is its light weight (for better MPG) combined with tremendous strength to protect the occupants of a car in case of an accident. Federal regulations require that the roof of a vehicle is able to handle at least three times the car’s total weight to protect in case of a rollover, and the only metal durable enough, light enough, and affordable enough is steel.

2: Residential Buildings
Many homes are built with wood frames, but today there are an increasing number of homes being built with steel frames. Since pretty much all steel can be recycled, many homes are made of recycled cars or other materials. Steel can also be used in the roofing material, and metal roofing is designed to last about 3 times longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

3: Transportation
The roads and bridges that you travel on every day are often made of steel. It is the perfect material for transportation because it provides high tensile strength and can support a significant amount of weight without bending or breaking. The Golden Gate bridge, a famous landmark, was made with 83,000 tons of steel (although technological advancements today would only require about half that much).

4: Commercial Buildings
Many office buildings today are designed with steel beams for their support. These beams make it possible to construct very tall buildings that include large open spans without needing additional support structures inside. Steel from Wasatch Steel provides great strength capacity as well as durability so commercial structures last a long time.  

5: Stairs
If you’re considering building a staircase in your home, steel is often used for the stair railings. It can be molded and shaped into many different designs so you get beautiful and durable railings for your home.  

6: Artwork
Finally steel is often used in artwork and provides a great option because it comes in so many different shapes, patinas, colors, and sizes. It can be painted or shaped for whatever use you might need, creating some of the most beautiful and durable artwork out there.

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