Sunday, November 17, 2013

Steel Art: Making a Masterpiece

As an artist, you are always looking for ways that you can creatively express yourself through your work. There are many different materials that you can use to create your artwork, but none are as unique and versatile as working with steel from Wasatch Steel. Whether you have been trying to find a new material that you can use, or you have worked with steel and other metals on previous projects, here are some reasons to consider this metal, and ways you can use it to make your masterpiece.

A Unique Material
One of the great benefits of working with steel is its unique and versatile properties. It combines strength and durability with beauty, and gives you the ability to create several different types of artwork. You can use it to accent other art pieces, create entire sculptures with it, or even make beautiful wall décor, lighting, and other similar art pieces to accent your home or business.

Various Looks and Finishes
Another reason that steel from Wasatch Steel makes such a great material for your next art project is the wide array of different finishes and looks that you can find. It is a material that comes in all different shades, with several options for beautiful finishes and patinas. Steel is one metal that is really easy to paint, whether you want to go with an acrylic resin applied as a primer, color coat, and clear coat, or you want to use powder coating and finish by baking the color in. Either option gives you a hard, durable, weather-resistant coat that will stand up to any conditions, both inside and outside. In addition, these painting options don’t require regular maintenance to keep it looking good over time. You can also go with more natural finishes or patinas, such as Cor-Ten steel, or choose excess prime steel that has been exposed to some weather or oxidation and may already have its own unique finish.

Customizable for Every Project
Steel is not only strong and durable, it is also very customizable for whatever your project needs. You can buy it in several different forms at Wasatch Steel, which is your one-stop-shop for a whole variety of steel that can be customized for your specific project, with everything available and easy to find, like a steel supermarket. You can get sheet metal, pipes, tubing, angle iron, steel I-beams, diamond plate, and more, plus a wide variety of excess prime and used steel pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, and can give your next piece of artwork a very unique and personal touch.

All Shapes and Sizes
When you are an artist, you don’t want your creativity to be held back by not having the right materials to make your artwork into a reality. Whether you are creating metal sculptures, metal gates or entrances, specialized spindles for your railing, wall art, furniture, home accents such as lights and furniture fixtures, monuments, memorials, logos, or abstract art, you need to be able to find steel in all shapes and sizes. At Wasatch Steel, you can get all the materials you need from flat steel pieces to knick-knacks, and help your vision come to life.

Tips for Getting the Right Steel Pipe

Steel pipe is a critical components of many of the things that we use today, making it possible to transport fluids and other goods from public utilities and private companies to our homes and businesses. Getting the right pipe for the job is important—the wrong pipe size or the wrong material can have a detrimental impact. Wasatch Steel has a wide variety of pipe sizes and options so you can get the correct steel pipe for every project that you have.

Efficient Operation
Fluid transport is made possible by an intricate network of pipes, and the most efficient transport requires the right size steel pipe. Pipes come in a variety of diameters, with different wall thicknesses to suit several project types. If you have pipes that are too small, the high fluid velocity created can cause damage to suction lines through cavitation, it can result is too much heat, friction losses and turbulence in pressure lines, and it can cause the moving parts in your pipe system to wear out prematurely, damaging the seals and hoses, which results in higher maintenance costs. On the flip side, if you have pipes that are too large, your system costs will increase due to inefficient flow.

Choosing the Right Material
There are several different options that you have for pipe material. Generally you can choose from metal pipe, non-metal (plastic), or nonmetallic-lined metallic pipe. When your project requires a pipe that is durable and long-lasting, metal is often the correct option. Metal pipes are advantageous because they can withstand much higher pressure, and significant changes in external temperatures don’t impact the pipes. Finally, steel and other metals are sturdier than plastic, so when you lay pipe with metal it means you have the opportunity to put space hangers farther apart, so both your labor costs and your installation costs will go down.

Selecting the Perfect Steel
When you determine that steel is the best option for your project, the next step is to figure out what kind of steel you should use. Wasatch Steel has a huge selection of options for steel pipe, giving you a steel supermarket where you can shop and compare all the options. Here are some of the factors that can impact your choice:
  • Corrosive environment, including humidity, chemicals, acidity in the surrounding area, and presence of water or salt water.
  • Temperature, since high temperatures can accelerate corrosion and require a higher-grade steel, while low temperatures will require a tougher steel.
  • Steel strength required, so you can choose more durable steel if necessary. 
  • Whether welding is needed, so you can opt for a more weldable steel such as austenitic steels. Ferritic, duplex, martensitic, and PH grades are harder to weld.
  • Non-magnetic properties, if any are preferred or required.
  • Formability, if you need to be able to make detailed or intricate shapes.
  • Surface finish, for applications that require aesthetic appeal.
  • Availability of the material you need.
  • Cost of the material you want to use, and your available budget.

Determining Size and Thickness
The final component of getting the right steel pipe from Wasatch Steel is figuring out the size and diameter you need, including the wall thickness. You can figure out the size you need based on projected flow velocities, measured in ft/sec or m/sec. The benefit of shopping for your pipe at the steel supermarket is the wide selection of high quality steel available at Wasatch Steel. You can find several different sizes, thicknesses, and any lengths to suit your needs.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

6 Ways Steel Builds Our Economy

Steel has become one of the most important materials for building things in our economy, providing what we need to create items both large and small. Since the process to make steel was first discovered in the mid-1800s, it has been refined to create metal that has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios, and can be utilized in an array of versatile ways. People shop at Wasatch Steel for all types of projects, using steel in some of these six ways to build our economy.

Steel Buildings
Construction companies for both commercial and residential property have been building with steel to create everything from the tallest skyscrapers to the homes in your neighborhood. Since steel has both a high tensile strength (a measure of how much force material can withstand before breaking) and a high yield strength (a measure of how much force a material can withstand before it suffers permanent deformation), it is great for creating large, open spaces like the ones commercial building owners want. It also offers a superior level of fire resistance, which makes it ideal for both commercial and residential buildings.

Steel Transportation
The roads, bridges, and railroads that make up our transportation infrastructure are also largely built using steel. Steel forms the backbone for the support structures built underneath major transportation arteries, such as bridges, freeways, and highways. In addition, most vehicles that we use for transportation are made of steel—including ships, cars and trucks, trains, and airplanes. Plus innovations in steel are making mass transit easier, more efficient, and more environmentally-friendly, reducing friction, improving load capacity and passenger comfort, and reducing noise levels and vibration for trains.

Steel Energy
Efforts to improve renewable energy also benefit from the use of steel. From wind turbines to solar panels, steel is making energy from the sun, wind, and water more affordable and within reach than ever.

Steel Manufacturing
If you are in the manufacturing industry, chances are you use steel on a regular basis. You probably have machines and vehicles that are made of steel, and you may even use it to create your products. At Wasatch Steel, we understand that manufacturers are always looking for reliable, strong materials, which is why we have a huge selection of the best steel available for you to choose from.

Steel Design
Artists are always finding creative ways to express their talents, and steel and metalworking provides yet another opportunity to make something beautiful. With an array of shapes, styles, and finishes available, steel makes a great accent in artwork, or can provide the basis for your designs. At Wasatch Steel, artists often find the perfect pieces they need to create a masterpiece.

Steel Connections
Steel is also a critical material in the manufacturing of pipes that connect our world, transporting things from utility companies to our homes and businesses, and bringing raw materials like oil and natural gas from drilling sites around the U.S. into our communities. The strength of steel makes it ideal for building pipes that will last and can withstand pressure, while the lightweight nature of steel makes it an economical choice to reduce carbon emissions during manufacture and transport to the site. With proper coatings, steel pipes can withstand erosion and last for decades to come with very little maintenance and environmental impact.

Steel holds up structures, takes people and goods from place to place, and creating things that we use in our daily lives. It plays a major role in everything we do, and you can find the steel you need for every project at Wasatch Steel.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Why Steel is Ideal for Construction

Steel is a major component of construction in the U.S. and around the world today. The steel market has steadily increased over the past century as more and more uses are discovered for the strong, lightweight, versatile, and durable metal. It is used in a variety of construction applications, ranging from residential and business buildings to industrial complexes, stadiums, landmarks, and more. If you’re considering new construction, take some time to determine whether steel would work for you.

Steel is one of the most cost-effective metals available for construction today. Part of the reason it is so inexpensive is that the process to make steel has been refined over hundreds of years, since the Bessemer process was invented in the mid-1800s, and today steel mills can quickly and efficiently create steel using iron, one of the most abundant metals on earth. In addition, steel is very lightweight, which means shipping it from the mills to your job site requires less fuel, and saves you money.

At places like Wasatch Steel, where you can find an array of steel products in their steel supermarket, you can also look at different types of steel—including new steel, excess prime steel, and used steel.

Durable and Flexible
Steel is an extremely durable material, having both a high yield strength (the force it can withstand before deforming) and high tensile strength (the weight it can bear before breaking). This durability also makes it ideal for construction projects, because it means the space can be flexible and adaptable. When you use steel for building columns, floor joists, and other support roles, it can bear a high load, which means you can have more open, airy space in the building.

Steel is also a very eco-friendly material, because it can be recycled almost indefinitely without losing any of its characteristics for strength and quality. More than half of all new steel produced today worldwide is recycled from previous steel, and the process to recycle and reuse steel produces little to no waste.

In addition to being earth-friendly, it is also a sustainable material because it offers many economic and social benefits too. Steel construction is a relatively dry process, with little dust, and is pretty quiet compared with other materials, so there is less impact on surrounding buildings or homes. Steel can also help create a safe working environment when it’s used to create support structures, scaffolding, and other materials for worksites.

One final reason to build with steel on any construction project is the safety factor. Unlike wood structures, steel has exceptional fire resistance capabilities, and after many decades of studying steel structures’ behavior during a fire, engineers can now build very safe homes and commercial buildings that are more fire resistant.

At Wasatch Steel, you can find a wide array of steel components for your construction project, including columns, beams, pipes, and more. Come see the selection available at the steel supermarket.

4 Trends in Steel Décor for Your Home & Business

Steel has become one of the most commonly used metals in the world today, and one of the reasons it is so popular is because it is a very versatile metal. Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios, making it perfect for a variety of heavy duty jobs, but it can also make a great decorative piece around a home or business building. If you have been looking for the perfect way to add flair to your home or your office, consider these decorating tips to help bring a room to life.

1. Create Steel Accents

There are literally hundreds of ways you can use steel to accent different areas of your home, from more traditional accent pieces to more modern or abstract. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate it into your style.
  • Build a new stair railing that includes a special design with spindles and balusters from Wasatch Steel. You can find a range of architectural styles, including simple geometric shapes, plain metal, floral accents, ornate and intricate designs, and more. You can also mix steel spindles with wood handrails and balusters to give the staircase some added depth. 
  • Replace the handles on your interior and exterior doors with a new color of steel hardware from the steel supermarket. It’s amazing what a difference this small detail can make. 
  • Add hardware to your cabinets, or replace existing hardware. Again, this simple addition, even if it’s just a basic design, can really accent your cabinets.
2. Add Metal Lighting
If you want to bring a room to life, one of the best ways is to improve the lighting. A beautiful metal chandelier or ornate hanging light fixture made with materials from Wasatch Steel can make large areas seem a little more cozy, while simple, basic metal lighting accents in smaller rooms can give it a clean, comfortable look without being overcrowded. Look at wall sconces, hanging light fixtures, spotlights, and more when you shop for steel home décor.

3. Create Unique Accent Areas in Each Room
Not very many people think about different ways they can accent an entire room with metal. Rather than having four walls and a ceiling that are all covered in drywall and paint, think about adding metal panels to the ceiling instead. In large rooms with high ceilings, metal roofing can create a feeling of grandeur, while in smaller spaces it can make the room seem cozier by reflecting the light. If your home is more modern, a steel ceiling can create a great “industrial” appearance. Or create a backsplash in the kitchen with steel from Wasatch Steel. You can also use metal to create picture frames, or decorative art pieces that you can hang on the walls to add a new dimension to the room.

4. Metal Signage
Another great way to incorporate metal in your home or business is to create metal signage. On your home, that could be a shiny steel house number, or a sign that has your family name on it. You may also want to cover large walls around your entryway with metal wall art. For your business, getting a steel sign is a great way to draw customers in. Metal can give your business a rustic feel, a modern feel, or a sophisticated and classy feel depending on the color and style of the sign.