Friday, January 25, 2013

Uses of Steel

Steel: what are the different uses?
The average person may not realize roughly how many uses that steel has within our society, construction and infrastructure. Many of our modern building achievements would not have been made possible without the use of steel products. Over the course of this article we will explore some of the many uses for steel and how to steel is used each and every day to change our lives.

Steel structures: creating a steel building or a steel structure is one of the easiest ways to have an accessible workspace or storage area. Steel buildings can stand up in just about any form of whether and provide an extremely secure place for storage or for your work. Many manufacturing facilities use steel buildings in their construction and today a lot of the steel that is used for these steel structures is made entirely out of recycled steel. At Wasatch Steel Utah, we can provide high quality recycled steel which can help you to create structures of just about any type. Steel buildings are extremely easy to put together and last well over a lifetime once they are constructed. With high quality recycled steel you can work to reduce your impact on the environment and create a structure that benefits you personally, your business or your storage needs.
Steel construction supplies: At Wasatch Steel Utah we can produce a number of steel construction supplies which can help you to build homes or in any form of construction that you may have. High-quality steel rebar and other products were to strengthen construction projects such as office buildings, homes, factories and more. With our comprehensive product listing you can see the many different types of supports and construction supplies which are made out of steel and are used regularly by construction companies around the world. We offer fair and competitive prices which can help you to reduce your construction costs without compromising quality. By using high-quality steel in your construction you can work to make sure that whatever your building will be around for generations to come.

Surplus steel: steel materials such as steel tubing, plating and more go into the construction of a variety of different construction and fabrication projects. Buying surplus steel tubing can work to reduce your construction costs especially when buying in bulk. Having surplus steel on hand will help your construction or fabrication company meet industry demands and consistently have materials ready to produce your products. Wasatch Steel Utah is available to meet the demands of suppliers had on and produces a number of surplus steel materials which can be used in construction and manufacturing processes.
Ornamental steel: sometimes in construction projects using steel finishing's can help create high-quality accents and contrasts in your décor. Steel can be found around just about any home in the form of these accents. Hinges, railings, stair panels and more can all be created using steel accents.

As you can see steel has a variety of different applications. This is just a small taste of the different uses for steel. Should you require any of these steel products do not hesitate to contact Wasatch Steel Utah.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ornamental Steel

About Ornamental Steel

If you think that iron and steel are only sold and manufactured in their bar and tube forms, you are probably not familiar with ornamental steel. The ornamental types of steel are produced in various styles and designs and are used for a range of construction, home improvement, and decorative purposes.
What are ornamental steels and how they are produced?

As their name suggests, ornamental iron and steels are pieces of metal used as decorative elements of most structures and items made out of metal. Instead of the regular bar, rounded bar, flat bar, or tube shape, these steel pieces are shaped in almost any form. If you are to check out the product inventory of Wasatch Steel Salt Lake City, you’ll find these decorative steels resembling the shape of pickets, leaves, flowers, rings or circles, spears, crowns, butterfly, etc.
These decorative metals have long been used in construction and craft building several centuries ago. But the original material and process of producing them is different and more complex than today. Before steel came into existence, iron is used to create ornamental steel through casting or manual shaping and pounding. Today, the tougher yet lighter steel is used. And instead of manually casting and shaping steel into form, there are now machines that can cut, form, and cast steel into the consumer’s desired shape.

The uses of these decorative steels
As mentioned above, these especially formed steel are used for a multitude of purposes including but not limited to the following:

Gate or fence construction. If you are planning to build a metal gate or fence, it won’t have any appeal or beauty if you are merely welding out ordinary steel. To add beauty to the an ordinary metal fence, it can be redesigned and incorporate the decorative pickets, snap on, curved or rounded rails, etc. The most common decorative steel used in fencing are the twisted and spear-tipped pickets. Gates on the other hand are usually adorned with floral and leaf-like metals.

Window grills decoration. Aside from their popular fence application, you could also see ornamental steel used to decorate or improve the appearance of window grills. Similar to the concept of using these decorative metals in gates, fences, and doors, several window styles especially those with Mediterranean, European, and Asian inspirations have also been using metal ornaments as well.

Stair rails and handles. Instead of wood, you can alternately use decorative metal rails and handles for your stairs or staircase. Wasatch Steel Salt Lake City offers a wide range of classy and elegant rails or handles fit for almost all styles of house or hotel stairs. Using metal instead of wood or concrete would also reduce that stressful weight carried by the stair itself.

Metal furniture accent. Metal furniture such as bed, sofa, or chair can be hardly seen nowadays. They are now limited to the antique furniture and other items. But a lot of people are still interested and are fond of metal furniture especially those adorned with intricately designed ornamental steel.

Metal sheet letterings. Decorative steel is not only limited to the figure-shaped pieces, it also includes metal stamping and cutouts or letterings. Metal letters are widely used by businesses for signage.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Steel Products

Steel Products
Steel is a material that is widely used due to its very many uses and there are a number of steel products used due to the numerous benefits they come with. This could range from economical needs, environmental just to name a few. Mostly, it is used for construction purposes. What makes steel products more preferred is the fact that it does not corrode unlike iron when it comes into contact with water and air. Wood on the other side is not preferred because of rodents, insects and termites. Scrap steel can also be recycled unlike the other materials we have discussed. Among the most purchased metals in our company include b-deck, stainless, custom pickets, flat bars etc.

These materials can not only be bought from local stores only since the internet has provided ways that one can purchase them at the comfort of their own home. Wasatch Steel ensures fast deliveries for our customers and we also ensure that goods bought in bulk have got a discounted price. Steel products like flat bars, tubes, plate and sheets and even galvanized materials are all available online. A  b-deck is very helpful and mostly used when it comes to panel tops of buildings. They are said to have lasting solution and can stay for very long and still look good. Steel flat bars are also used by builders and have become the most preferred for they can also be used to design different shapes, can be of differing designs, sizes and with all this put in mind, one can settle to his own preference according to the budget set. Tubing has also become very fashionable especially if designed and used appropriately. The price issue should however not overcome the durability and quality of steel products.
Steel products are not only used in houses and buildings but also as boat rails. Steel is used for tubing and the best way to use it is ensure that the metal has not been used previously for anything else. A filler metal is also needed in this process and it should be made of the right material. Filling it properly and ensuring there are no gaps will always ensure there is a tight joint.
The best thing about shopping with at Wasatch Steel is we have experienced personnel and we always ensure the products we sell to our customers are of the best quality. Apart from those like flat bar and tubing, we also have got expanded metals, plate and sheet and others. That does not end there for we punch, shear and even saw cut if our customers request it. One however needs to be clear on the pattern they would like. Our prices are also very user friendly for our customers come first in all we do.
Wasatch Steel is based in Salt City Utah and our working days are Monday to Friday starting 8.00am to 5.00 pm. We do not open on weekends but one can always log into our pages to confirm on the services given and prices too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Different Types of Steel

Different types of steel
It can be difficult to know about all of the different types of steel. According to the world steel Association there are over 3500 different grades of steel. For your construction project you will most likely need a certain grade of steel or a certain quality of steel in order to pass inspection. Wasatch steel Utah has a wide variety of steel products and different grades of steel they can help you complete your construction project or manufacturing project to spec.

Most steel products will come with information on the type of steel or grade of steel that the product is composed of. Steel is basically composed of iron and carbon and it is the mixture or amount of carbon as well as the amount of impurities and other alloying elements that works to determine the grade of steel.
The Main Types of Steel Include:

Carbon Steels: these are the most common types of steel and this is about 90% of the total steel production in the entire world. Carbon steel is categorized by the amount of carbon that it contains and depending on the carbon content it will be used in different steel products.

Stainless Steels: stainless steel will contain 10 to 20% chromium which helps this type of steel to resist rust and corrosion. By using stainless steel in construction and steel products you can work to reduce the amount of rust that your products will experience. stainless steel is also divided into groups based off of the quality of the crystalline structure that the steel has. It has application in steel products such as kitchen utensils, surgical equipment and more.

Alloy Steels: this type of steel uses a variety of different alloying elements to change the property of the steel. Alloy steel is changed in order to make it stronger, more resistant to corrosion and to get more properties out of the steel. Alloy steels are usually used in heavy components such as pipelines, motors, power generators and more.

Tool Steels: tool steels are made using components such as tungsten, cobalt and vanadium to name a few, these steels become much more resistant to heat and much more durable making them ideal for making tools which are used in cutting and drilling applications.
Wasatch Steel Utah Carries a number of steel products vary in the type of steel and grade of steel. Should you have any questions about any of our products or the type of steel or grade of steel that is used in each one of our products you can consult our website or speak to a customer service representative. We are committed to delivering products which can help you complete your project or products to spec. We will do custom orders if there is a need for a specific grade or type of steel to be used in your product, and we are committed to the highest quality customer service. We have knowledgeable operators and customer service representatives standing by so do not hesitate to contact Wasatch Steel Utah today.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Difference Between Steel and Iron

The Difference Between Steel and Iron

Do you know the difference between steel and iron? Both these materials have difference as well as similarities. Here are the main differences between steel and iron.


Iron and steel have many differences. In nature iron is an element and it’s found in our rocks and soil so it’s part of our earth one of our natural elements. Iron is a chemical element with the symbol Fe and atomic number 26. It is a metal in the first transition series. Our earth is made up of iron in the crust and in the core. Without iron our planet would simply not exist. Our body actually needs iron to function as well so it’s also a big part of humans too. When we process iron ore in a blast furnace we make pig iron which we turn into steel. When the carbon in this iron is further reduced it can be made into various alloys. We add silicon, chromium, and manganese to make these various alloys.

Steel is an alloy of both carbon and iron. Iron is found in a greater quantity in steel but you can also add other metals to steel so you have alloys with various properties. When you add chromium to steel you get stainless steel so the steel doesn’t rust easily and it can be used in many different ways. In industry we use steel all the time to build structures. Steel is stronger than regular iron and it has good compression as well as tension so it’s perfect for building structures and keeping them strong as well as sound.
We don’t know exactly how iron making began. It is believed that iron making began in Egypt around 3000 BC. It’s believed that the Greeks advanced this iron making and around 1000BC they had storing iron weapons. People made iron for many years and this was called wrought iron until about 1400AD. Once we passed the 14th century we began to use furnaces in the process of smelting iron. We pushed iron to the top of the furnace and began to make metallic iron and then we added gases which were carbon rich to the iron. The metallic iron absorbs this gas and it was turned into pig iron. The end process was transformed into steel which we use today to make many things in our life.

Iron vs Steel

·         We call iron an element and steel is an alloy

·         We knew about iron since the beginning of our civilization but we discovered how to make steel much later on in our history

·         We make steel from iron and we cannot go out into nature and get steel it has to be made. Iron is a part our natural world and always will be.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beautify Your Home With Custom Made Steel and Iron Products

How to Beautify Your Home With Custom Made Iron Products.

When it comes to constructing a house, one of the most important aspects to look into is usually the finishing. This includes installing staircases, railings if the house has stairs and pickets for the driveways and garden fences. There is a very wide variety of material available for the purpose. Some of the favorites include wood, steel, fiberglass and even faux wood in some cases. Most people prefer metal to the other alternatives because of very many reasons. One of the most common types of metal used in finishing houses is iron.

Why Iron is Such a Favorite Choice

There are many qualities that make iron one of the most favorite choices for home décor.

Integrity: Iron is one of the strongest building materials we have around. It can hold tons of weight without caving in or crumbling. This means that when you use it for staircases and railings, you are assured of your safety in the home.

Durability: If you want your home to stay for years without the need for refurbishing, then you should choose iron finishing material. Custom made iron is usually well polished, painted and even galvanized to make sure that contact with water does not lead to rusting.

Malleability: iron is one of the metals that can easily be made into any shape. This is what makes it possible to get spiral iron staircases, straight ones, and different sizes and shapes of custom made iron pickets. This means that you get to enjoy the shapes of iron made finishing that suit your décor taste.

Tips in Selecting a Great Supplier for Ornamental Iron

The reasons why you should use iron in construction are simply countless. However, in order to have a great time building, you need a reliable supplier. If you live in Utah, why not buy from Wasatch Steel suppliers? Here are some reasons why they are the best in the state.

·         The quality of their products: Whether it is simple staircases or custom made pickets you want for your home, you can be assured you will get top quality products. They will cut and decorate the items according to your description. Their variety of ready made pickets and staircase is also excellent.

·         Great customer service:  there is nothing that is more discouraging than ordering building material and having to wait weeks before it shows up. At Wasatch, you will be served by experienced customer services representatives, get your order processed easily and quickly and have deliveries within 24 hours and even sooner. In the rare circumstance that a hitch should arise, it is handled fast and efficiently.

·         Variety: there are over 4000 different architectural designs to choose from. In addition to that, every design can be made unique to fit the rest of the décor in your home.

It is also possible to get these custom made products if you are a supplier. The option for shopping online is available. Whatever your taste for iron staircases or pickets is, Wasatch Steel will have an ideal product for you.



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Abrasion Resistant Steel

Why Use and Work with Abrasion Resistant Steel

Abrasion resistant steel is used in many manufacturing processes. It is a harder type of steel that is much tougher to cut. Most manufacturing processes use the abrasion resistant steel because of its durability. It can be welded and formed to help with many applications. Due to it being used in so many industries, it is a popular product and in heavy construction, mining, rifle ranges, and other types of processes. The steel can be formed into different shapes and sizes for the different uses it undergoes.
Why Use Abrasion Resistant Steel

The steel’s formula allows it to be easily transformed. This makes it great for turning the steel into different shapes to custom fit the user’s needs. At Wasatch Steel, they can turn the steel into a custom size and shape for any process.
Working with Abrasion Resistant Steel

There are several types and grades of abrasion steel. Depending on the type and grade, the steel may be tougher or more flexible. It is important to know exactly what you are working with when you go to use it. Using the right tools while handling the abrasion resistant steel can make the process much easier. It is also important to be knowledgeable about the transforming of the steel. Having an expert handle the forming of the steel makes the process faster and more efficient.


With Wasatch Steel, we understand the different industries that use the abrasion resistant steel and know what each company looks for when coming to us. We work hard to customize each customer’s needs. At Wasatch Steel, understanding the final product is important for us to get the job done right and hand over a product that will make your job easier. When you work with us, you can focus on other tasks more efficiently knowing we can manipulate abrasion resistant steel to fit your process.