Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beat the Heat with Steel Building Materials

Energy and cost savings are a big deal for most businesses and building owners, and if there are ways to save some money on either one it’s definitely worth considering when you are constructing a facility. Everything from churches and office buildings to homes and industrial warehouses can benefit by using steel building materials from a place like Wasatch Steel.

Today’s metal buildings are much more than just industrial warehouses, they can be beautiful and functional all at the same time. Since summer is a time when many commercial and industrial businesses start to think about how to lower energy costs, here are some ways that steel building materials can help.

Steel has long been a favorite material for construction because it offers a superior level of strength and durability while still remaining affordable. Many skyscrapers, warehouses, and even residential homes today are constructed using steel beams for framing and support. In addition you can add things like metal roofing and metal siding to any building to help protect it from the elements while still getting an affordable price. In fact, since steel will often last much longer than some other building materials and won't need to be replaced as often it is a perfect solution to keep costs low in the long run.

Environmentally Conscious
Steel building materials also offer an environmentally friendly choice for builders. It is one of the most recyclable metals in the world, and over half of all the steel that is used today is recycled from previous steel projects. Recycling it won’t comprise any of its strength or durability, which makes it a great choice when you need the strongest metal but you don’t want to use something that will harm the planet.

In addition, steel is so lightweight that it can be transported from the steel wholesaler like Wasatch Steel to your construction site using less fuel, polluting the environment less, and resulting in a greener building on many different levels.

Since steel lasts so long you can conserve building materials and have a functional building for many more years than if you were using more expendable and less durable building materials. Once you are done you can recycle 100 percent of the steel used rather than sending it to the landfill.

Energy Savings
Another tremendous benefit that steel offers your building is the ability to lower energy costs. The summer months can be hot around Utah and the west, which means air conditioning costs can skyrocket. If you have the right steel building materials you can actually help improve the energy efficiency of your business.

For example, metal roofing can be painted with a coating that reflects heat away from your building, which helps lower energy costs. Metal wall panels can help boost the entire structure’s energy efficiency, increasing R-values so you use less energy to cool it in the summer and heat it in the winter.

Metal buildings don’t have to be big industrial-looking boxes. They can take on a wide range of different architectural styles, including plans that resemble brick and rock, large window spans, and other beautiful designs. Start your metal construction projects at Wasatch Steel and get a building that can beat the heat this summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 Great Summer Steel Projects

Summer is a great time of year, when the weather warms up, the sun stays out longer, and you have plenty of time after work and on weekends to get to those projects you have been wanting to finish all year long. If building with steel is on your summer to-do list, here are five projects that you should think about.

There are a million ways you can use steel in your landscaping, creating everything from walls and fences to landscape edging. The type of steel you use depends on the look you want to create—whether you want to get something from Wasatch Steel that has a rich patina and will develop some color and character over time, or you prefer something that is more industrial looking and has a more uniform metal color to it. Get creative with your landscaping, adding water fountains that are supported with steel walls and beams, building beautiful fencing and stair railings, and more.

Garden Sculptures
If you love to work with metal and want to create something artistic that you can be proud of, consider building some sculptures that you can put in your front yard or your garden. You can find all sorts of odds and ends at the steel supermarket that you won’t find anywhere else. Start at Wasatch Steel to spark your creativity, finding the pieces that will make the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Steel Fire Pits
Keeping warm during summer days isn’t hard, but when the sun sets and you still want to enjoy the beautiful weather and endless stars outdoors with your friends and family, there is no better way to do it than with a steel fire pit. Wasatch Steel is the best place to buy steel in Utah to build a fire pit because they have everything you might need, whether you want something that is already bowl-shaped to build from, or you prefer to create a laser-cut steel design in some sheet metal and wrap it around your fire pit. There are endless possibilities when you start with the largest selection of steel around so you can get that perfect fire pit to have cookouts, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the outdoors all season long.

Steel Yard Signs
Whether you want something whimsical and fun or you just need a functional yard sign with your name and address to help friends and family find your home, these make a great project for your summer steel work. Not only does Wasatch Steel have all the raw material you might need to make these signs, they can also help you with the finishing work—just bring the design you want and they will help you make it into a reality.

Steel Shed or Storage
Finding extra space around the house for storage can be difficult, but expanding your storage area outside in the backyard is simple. This summer get all the building materials you need to construct a steel storage shed in the backyard. From I-beams and other structural support to corrugated metal roofing you can build the perfect backyard shed for an affordable price.

Don’t let summer pass you by without taking time to knock off some of the fun things you want to get done, and some of the chores you have to get done. If you need steel to finish your summer project, the steel supermarket is the place to find it all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Reasons to Buy From a Steel Wholesaler

There are a lot of different things that you can do with steel, such as residential or commercial building, constructing roads, making sterile equipment, building railings, manufacturing vehicles, or even decorating a home or yard. There are also a lot of different places that you can purchase steel, but the best place to buy is from a quality wholesaler like Wasatch Steel. Here are six reasons you should buy steel from a wholesaler.

1: Plenty of Variety
One of the great things about purchasing from a place like the steel supermarket in Utah is that you can find basically any kind of steel that you need. Whether you are looking for sheets of metal, pipes, angles, I-beams, small decorative steel pieces, spindles for your railing, or even odds and ends, you can find it at Wasatch Steel. If you try to purchase from a steel mill you have a very limited selection, and you have to buy it in huge quantities. Other steel retailers may have limited supplies or small inventories, which limits your ability to get exactly what you need.

2: Great Prices
At Wasatch Steel you will not only get a great variety of products, but you will also get the best possible prices. That’s because the experienced steel professionals at Utah’s steel supermarket know what to purchase and how to get the best possible deals, passing along the savings to their customers.

3: Wide Selection
You can find just about any shape of steel that you need, and you can find them in a wide variety of sizes, lengths, thicknesses, and more. Just like at the grocery store, you will find the selection at Wasatch Steel laid out in easy-to-browse rows that are organized and fully stocked. You won’t have to search high and low or go to multiple places to find steel that is just the size and specs you need.

4: Everything You Need Beyond Steel
In addition to supplying you with the steel you need for everything from big construction projects to do-it-yourself home projects, the steel wholesalers at Wasatch Steel have a huge selection of accessories that you need to properly work with steel. From safety and workshop tools to abrasives and hardware, you can shop for these accessories in person at our Salt Lake location or shop online from the convenience of your home.

5: More Than Just New Steel
One of the reasons that Wasatch Steel can offer such great prices is the way they buy steel from sellers around the country. You can purchase brand new steel if that is what you need, but they also offer excess prime and used steel if you are willing to compromise a little on the aesthetics but you still want high quality and a great price.

6: Exceptional Customer Service
The final reasons that Wasatch Steel is the best place to buy steel in Utah are the friendly faces and high levels of customer service. The experts there can help you find exactly what you need, then customize it to meet your exact specifications. In addition, they will usually do it with a smile on their faces, giving people a reason to come back to Wasatch Steel over and over again. Come find out why it’s the best steel wholesaler around

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What NOT To Do When Buying Steel

Steel is an amazing metal, and there are about a billion different things that you can do with it. At a place like the Wasatch Steel "steel supermarket" you can find just about anything you need, which is what makes it such a great place to shop for any kind of metal you might need.

Unfortunately when it comes to buying steel there are still a lot of people that make some of these common mistakes. Here’s a guide to some of the thing that you should never do when trying to purchase steel.

Try to Buy Wholesale From the Steel Mill
Unless you are a major construction contractor who is building skyscrapers with steel, you probably will never be able to purchase enough to buy directly from the steel mill. The shipments from a mill are generally measured by the truckload (about 48,000 pounds of steel), which makes it difficult for an average buyer to get what you need.

Instead, a Salt Lake steel wholesaler is a great place to purchase steel because you can buy it in any quantity that you need, whether it’s one small piece or a huge truckload. At a place like Wasatch Steel you will get great customer service no matter how big a purchase you plan to make.

Buy Brand New Steel for Every Project
There are several different types of steel, and while it is a good idea to buy brand new steel for things that might require sterility (such as medical equipment, restaurant fixtures, etc.) there are also a lot of options out there to get used or excess prime steel and save some money.

Steel is one of the most recyclable materials in the world, so buying used means you can save your hard-earned money and the earth at the same time. Excess prime is a special kind of steel that has never been used, but might have some minor surface blemishes because it’s been exposed to moisture or air. If you can get past the aesthetic imperfections you can often save a ton of money buying these kind of products from Wasatch Steel.

Purchase Steel From an Unknown Online Retailer
Online shopping is a super convenient way to get everything you need, and steel doesn’t have to be any different. However, if you are planning to shop online, go with a local Utah steel wholesaler instead of some unknown and distant website where you may or may not get good customer service. Buying online from a local place means you get huge selection, great service, plus the convenience of shopping in your pajamas (or your birthday suit, if you prefer--just make sure you wear appropriate attire to come and pick up your steel).

Buy From Several Different Places
Another mistake that many people make is thinking that they have to purchase different types of steel from different places. Whether you need specialty pieces, decorative steel, functional steel, or odds and ends, the steel supermarket at Wasatch Steel is your one-stop-shop to get it all. Come see the huge selection and meet our friendly and helpful staff today to see just how easy it is to shop in one place for all your steel needs.