Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Preparing for Winter with a Steel Storage Shed

Are your backyard and garage starting to look a little bit like an episode of Hoarders? If you have a lot of garden tools, outdoor gear, toys, and other items that just don’t seem to have a good place to go when you’re not using them, a steel storage shed could be the best solution for you. With winter weather coming, you want to have a place to safely store your items without having them take over your garage, basement, or other storage areas. The great news is that you can easily build a storage shed with materials from Wasatch Steel. Here are some of the benefits of a shed in the yard.

A Permanent Home for Your Belongings
If you’re tired of doing the “summer outdoor gear shuffle” where you move things from one spot to another all season long, only to find that you don’t have enough room for them once the cold and snow comes, then a storage shed might be a good idea for your backyard. It offers a place where you can safely store everything from lawn and pool care tools to bikes and children’s toys without cluttering up your living space or putting them in an inconvenient off-site storage location.

All Shapes & Sizes to Fit Your Style
If you have a beautiful landscaping job you might be a little bit nervous about the idea of a storage shed, but today you can get a wide variety of materials from a place like Wasatch Steel to create a shed in any size, shape, color, and style that you prefer. You can build something from the steel supermarket that can be painted to match your home or to complement your garden d├ęcor.

Expand Your Workspace
Another advantage of sheds is the ability to use part of it for a workshop. Trying to work on your weekend projects in the garage can get cumbersome, especially if you or your spouse want to be able to park a vehicle in there. Sheds give you an expanded “hobby” space that can easily hold all the trinkets and tools you have without being an eyesore.

Dress it Up
If you want something that contributes to the beauty and landscaping in your yard, consider a larger shed that looks more like a small recreation room. Outfit your steel shed with windows, put some entertainment equipment (like a stereo or television) out there, plant flowers around it, pave the walkway, and even install carpeting, insulation, heaters, and other comforts that could make it a private destination getaway when the winter weather comes.

Stay Organized
Above all a shed can help you get organized and stay that way by tucking away the chaos and clutter that was previously taking over your patio, deck, basement, and garage. With the right materials from Wasatch Steel you can customize the shed to the exact specifications that you need for whatever reason you plan on using it.

Get to the steel supermarket today to check out the wide selection of steel building materials that will help you make the most of your outdoor shed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Would Metal Roofing Work for You?

Metal roofing has become a popular choice for more than just industrial applications. Today many residential and commercial builders are also considering the benefits that a metal roof can provide. If you are looking at building a home, a storage shed, a warehouse, or a commercial office, here are some of the reasons to look at building a metal roof with steel from Wasatch Steel.

Style and Beauty
If you don’t think of the word “beauty” when you think of metal roofing, then perhaps you haven’t seen the latest advancements in the industry. Many builders today use a wide variety of different materials in several colors and style that can make even a metal roof stand out and look amazing. Steel offers particularly great benefits because it is lightweight and can be installed on just about any roof—residential, commercial, or industrial—plus it can be painted to match any style that you prefer.

Energy Efficiency
Another benefit that metal roofing provides homeowners and business owners is improved energy efficiency. Lower utility bills for heating and cooling means increased profits for your company or more money in your pocket at home. Steel roofing can reflect heat away from your building, particularly when it’s painted in light colors, which keeps the building cooler in the summer and reduces your air conditioning costs. In the winter it can also prevent too much heat from escaping through the roof, which reduces heating bills. In addition when your HVAC systems don’t need to work as hard to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter, they will last longer and save you money by not replacing those appliances as often.

Safety and Environmental Impact
Steel roofing from a place like Wasatch Steel can also improve the safety of your building. Metal roofing is fire-resistant, which makes it a particularly great choice for homeowners, commercial businesses, and even industrial warehouses. Since steel can be endlessly recycled without losing any of its strength or durability, it also reduces pollution and landfill waste, benefiting the environment. This lightweight material can be shipped from Wasatch Steel to your home or business without burning excess fossil fuels as well, making it an earth-friendly choice.

Proven Performance
Finally, like many things built out of steel, metal roofing will last for several decades to come. In fact, steel roofing is designed to last for 50 to 100 years with proper maintenance and upkeep, which mean you won’t need to replace your residential or commercial roofing ever again in most cases. It is resistant to rust and weather, heavy snowfall, rain, hail, and other things that Mother Nature might bring.

When you examine all the benefits that metal roofing can provide, it makes sense to visit the steel supermarket at Wasatch Steel to find out if they have the metal roofing material you need for your next building project.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tips for Getting the Best Steel Prices from Wholesalers

Everyone is looking for a great deal, and whether it is finding the best price on a new car, shopping for sales at the grocery store, or getting great prices on steel from the steel supermarket, finding those discounts and great bargains is always a good feeling. Here are some tips to help you when you’re shopping for steel to make sure that you always get the best prices.

Shop for Recycled Steel
One of the great things about steel is its ability to be almost endlessly recycled without losing any of its strength or durability. For that reason, used steel from a steel wholesaler in Utah like Wasatch Steel is actually one of the best ways you can save money when shopping for your next project. Whether you need a small amount of steel for a little do-it-yourself project at home, or you are coordinating a huge building project at work that requires several tons of steel, you can find it at the steel supermarket.

Consider Excess Prime Steel Options
There are other types of steel out there besides brand new steel. If you are looking for great prices, check out a place like Wasatch Steel to find out if they have any excess prime available. That is essentially new steel that has been exposed to elements like air or water and may not look pristine, but still has great strength and durability properties. When the aesthetics of the steel matter less, you can get more flexibility in pricing and find the great deals.

Find Great Prices on New Steel
Shopping at steel wholesalers like Wasatch Steel is also a great place to find new steel when you do need it. Sometimes your application requires the use of brand new steel, whether it is because it must look flawless, or because you need to minimize the chance for contamination, such as in restaurants, food preparation, medical device implants, and surgical applications.

Another benefit of purchasing new steel from a steel wholesaler in Utah over a steel mill is the ability to buy whatever quantity that you want. Often mills will require that you purchase several tons at a time, or sign a contract to purchase several thousand pounds of steel over the course of a year. When you shop with steel wholesalers, you have the ability to order in both small and large quantities, depending on exactly what you need. In fact, the helpful staff at Wasatch Steel can help you figure out the best steel to purchase, and what quantity you might need, then arrange for the most convenient delivery options to get it to your home or job site, or have you pick it up.

Everything You Need
When you purchase from Wasatch Steel you not only find the biggest selection of new, excess prime, and secondary steel all in one place, you also find an easy-to-browse format that allows you to identify the exact pieces you want and purchase them quickly. Finally, you can find all the extras that you might need, from tools to ornamental steel, to complete any project.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Steel & Recycling: How Steel Benefits the Economy and Environment

Steel is one of the strongest metals available, but in addition to being strong and relatively inexpensive (compared to other similar materials), it is also really good for the environment. For starters, it is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet, and much of the steel that you see at places like Wasatch Steel is actually recycled steel. Here are some of the reasons steel makes such a great option for your building needs.

Steel and Sustainability
There is a lot of emphasis, in many different sectors today, on sustainability. Beyond just being something that environmentalists think about, businesses and even developers today often consider how they can build more sustainably for today and for many future generations to come. A great place to start is by using materials that are environmentally friendly.

Recycled steel is obviously good for the environment, but even new steel has become more earth-friendly over the years, with the World Steel Association reporting that steel production now uses 50 percent less water, and what is used can be recycled back into rivers to prevent waste. As a very lightweight material, steel also helps reduce carbon emissions during shipping. For reasons like this, steel from places like Wasatch Steel has become a favorite building material for anyone looking at sustainability.

Steel and Recycling
In addition to environmental friendliness, sustainability also means responsibly using the resources that are available to you. For this reason steel makes a great choice for any building project because it is a resource that will last for decades. When you are finished using steel it can be recycled almost endlessly. In fact, steel is an excellent choice because recycling it doesn’t cause any loss of strength or durability.

By recycling steel instead of using new materials, companies help reduce raw material usage, limit carbon dioxide emissions, and eliminate unnecessary waste generated from the process of making new steel or other metals. Because of these things steel makes a great choice for many different building materials, replacing wood for framing homes or buildings, replacing asphalt shingles for steel roofing, and more.

Steel and Energy Savings
Another reason that many companies use steel is its energy efficiency. Steel offers great protection from the outdoors, helping to reduce the amount of heating and cooling required to keep your commercial building at a comfortable temperature. Metal roofing now has the ability to reflect heat back away from your building, which means you won’t have to spend as much on air conditioning. With less air conditioning usage your appliances will last longer and you can save money there as well.

With a stunning combination of durability, strength, low cost, and availability from wholesalers like Wasatch Steel, it is one of the best choices for companies, individuals, and others who are hoping to make an impact with sustainable building.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Top Designs for Steel Stair Railings

If you are planning to build a home, add on to your existing home, or your home could just use some sprucing up, there are a million ways you can achieve it. One of the best ways is to add some flair to your current steel stair railing with the materials found at Wasatch Steel. Here are some of the top designs that people today are using to bring their staircases to life.

Open Staircases
Your stairs don’t have to create dark corners where spider webs gather, if you have a smaller space or you just want to preserve some light and open area where your stairs are, you can build stair railings and staircases that let in the light. On these more modern designs it is often recommended that you use a clean and simple stair railing. Find the perfect pieces of steel with straight lines and beautiful finishes at Wasatch Steel.

Metal & Wood
Another design trend that many people are incorporating today is to match steel stair railings with wood designs. You can find spindles from Wasatch Steel, then top it off with a wooden railing, or use steel in between wooden balusters for a mix-and-match look that is both elegant and refined. If you have a more modern home, using a simple wood railing on top and basic, clean steel spindles below helps you preserve the minimalist look of your dwelling.

Metal & Glass
For an even more “modern” look, consider combining steel railings with glass. This chic design gives your home a minimalist quality that lets all the other elements in the room stand out. In addition it keeps the staircase looking clean with the ability to see through the glass all the way to the other side.  
Contemporary or Artistic
Stair railings can provide you with a great way to express your artistic side. In fact, finding steel spindles at Wasatch Steel is easy for the artist and the novice alike because we have an array of pre-fabricated and custom-designed spindles to choose from. You can come in and browse our huge selection or tell us what you would like your spindles to look like and we can customize them to your preferences. Whether you prefer whimsical or classic, modern or stately, we can help you find the one that best fits with your home’s artistic touches.

All Natural

Another popular design that many homeowners use is nature, and Wasatch Steel has a huge selection of spindles, railings, and balusters that express the nature lover in you. Whether you like trees, leaves, flowers, or other similar patterns, you can get them at the steel supermarket.

Before you build your next staircase, make sure that you visit the steel supermarket to browse through the selection we have and find the perfect design to complete your home or outdoor living space.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Which Stainless Steel Finish is Right for You?

There are many different types of stainless steel out there, and they provide a variety of different appearances, looks, and functionality depending on what you need for your project. If you are considering building with steel from Wasatch Steel, one consideration that you should also take into account is what kind of finish you will have on your steel. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to finish and it can impact the surface appearance as well as the steel’s ability to hold up in your environment, so here is a quick guide.

#0 (Zero) Finish
The number zero finish is an unrefined finish for steel and is only used in cases where the steel will be protected so it’s not subject to high levels of erosion, and where the final appearance is not as important.

#1 Finish
Cold-rolled metal is usually finished with a number 1 finish, and can be used as a “final” product if you are planning to have it for an industrial purpose. This leaves the steel looking dull and somewhat unpolished, much different from the stainless steel products that many consumers prefer. The mos common is 1D, a mill finish.

#2 Finishes
Number two finishes are extensively used for a wide variety of different applications. Finishes like 2D are mostly used for industrial applications, but 2B and 2BA are brighter and offer a better surface though still not completely blemish-free. They are still mill finishes, meaning they are standardized but not necessarily consumer-ready.

Other #2 finishes that require a little bit more processing are the mechanically polished and brushed finishes, including:
2G: uniform and one-directional surface with low reflectivity
2J: polished by belts or brushes and used for internal architecture
2K: smooth and reflective surface that is good for architecture, particularly building exteriors
2P: highly reflective and smooth, like a mirror, achieved with buffing and special polishing compounds.

Textured finishes that include designs are:
2M: texturing or design on just one side of the steel
2W: rolled or pressed patterns on both sides of the steel

#3 Finish
When you want a beautiful and complete look you will often use number three finishes, which are ground with abrasives so they have a completely uniform texture and look throughout.

#4 Finish
For products that will hold up under significant wear and tear, a #4 finish is preferred. It doesn’t provide you with the bright, polished “mirror” look of some other steel, but it does include great corrosion resistance. For that reason it’s beneficial for kitchen appliances.

#6, #7, and #8 Finishes
These three higher-level finishes can give you either a satin look (#6), a mirror-like surface from buffing tools (#7) or a completely blemish-free mirror surface (#8) for products that must have the highest level of cosmetic appeal.

Painted Finish
One other option is to get a color finish with paint or other coatings. Products at Wasatch Steel are great for painting because steel can hold color well over a long period of time. If you’re looking for something you can paint, talk to the experts at Wasatch Steel today.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

6 Places You See Steel Every Day

We use a lot of different things on a daily basis, but there are few materials in life that are as important as steel. It affects our daily lives in so many different ways, and has become so prevalent in our society that you may not even notice it anymore. While we live and breathe steel at Wasatch Steel, we thought you might be interested to learn six ways that you probably use steel regularly, if not every day.

1: Vehicles
Just about everyone owns a vehicle these days, and if you have a car, truck, van, or other mode of transportation, chances are it is made of steel. It has been used in car manufacturing since they were first built in the early 1900’s, and today about 60 percent of the average vehicle is made of steel. The reason car manufacturers like steel is its light weight (for better MPG) combined with tremendous strength to protect the occupants of a car in case of an accident. Federal regulations require that the roof of a vehicle is able to handle at least three times the car’s total weight to protect in case of a rollover, and the only metal durable enough, light enough, and affordable enough is steel.

2: Residential Buildings
Many homes are built with wood frames, but today there are an increasing number of homes being built with steel frames. Since pretty much all steel can be recycled, many homes are made of recycled cars or other materials. Steel can also be used in the roofing material, and metal roofing is designed to last about 3 times longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

3: Transportation
The roads and bridges that you travel on every day are often made of steel. It is the perfect material for transportation because it provides high tensile strength and can support a significant amount of weight without bending or breaking. The Golden Gate bridge, a famous landmark, was made with 83,000 tons of steel (although technological advancements today would only require about half that much).

4: Commercial Buildings
Many office buildings today are designed with steel beams for their support. These beams make it possible to construct very tall buildings that include large open spans without needing additional support structures inside. Steel from Wasatch Steel provides great strength capacity as well as durability so commercial structures last a long time.  

5: Stairs
If you’re considering building a staircase in your home, steel is often used for the stair railings. It can be molded and shaped into many different designs so you get beautiful and durable railings for your home.  

6: Artwork
Finally steel is often used in artwork and provides a great option because it comes in so many different shapes, patinas, colors, and sizes. It can be painted or shaped for whatever use you might need, creating some of the most beautiful and durable artwork out there.

To find the steel you need, visit the steel supermarket at Wasatch Steel today.